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The Crystal Crypt

About the Project

With The Crystal Crypt, we faced a tall order: to promote a short, independently produced film from a little-known director with less than $400 a month to spend on digital marketing.

Several campaigns were executed for this low-budget film in order to increase visibility and investment dollars for post-production. The film itself was shot and completed for less than $25,000, and there was only a total budget of $3,000 for online marketing. Through our efforts, articles were landed with Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas Weekly, Vegas Seven, and The Huffington Post, and a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was completed.

Despite working with very little money, we used our expertise and the budget to gain approximately 7,231,000 impressions across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, with more than 4,900 engagements (shares, likes, and responses). The film ended up screening at more than 10 festivals across the United States (including San Diego Comic-Con) and collected three awards.

DVD Packaging design, Los Angeles Weekly ad designs, poster designs, banner ad designs
Dates: 2013 – 2016
Client: Think Speak Films
Creative Director: Shahab Zargari
Designers: Astrosim, Jacob Gallegos